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For Sense and Sustainability

At Ruby Compliance, we offer compliance and training services. We help companies move towards a compliance experience built on sense and sustainability.

we offer
compliance and
training services

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From scratch or work in progress: we help companies set up compliance management systems (CMS) to meet regulatory requirements. Compliance is inherently complex. We analyze and evaluate before we start out to make sure our suggestions are in line with your business objectives.

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We create practical and engaging compliance training. We focus on clear language and reduce technicality. The training we create is either custom-made or off the shelf readily available online. For custom-made training, we work with your existing (LMS) and offer face2face training.  

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We support companies that require additional temporary resources in compliance. We cover parental and sickness leaves, to back the implementation of new compliance systems and make sure you keep up with day-to-day compliance routine. We bridge the gap – literally.

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where sense meets sustainability

Strong ethical values give businesses a purpose beyond making profit. This is where sense meets sustainability.

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Our Motivation

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To us, compliance is more than a tick the box exercise. It is an inside job that reflects the behavior of the individuals of an organization. We see compliance as a part of ethical business practice that boosts business on the merits of a value-driven culture. We believe in actions based on values – from employee to board member. We don’t hide behind big words and legal phrases. We use language that people can relate to. We are committed to making compliance suck less.

Our Clients


big corporations in the pharma industry with sophisticated compliance needs and systems

Our Clients


SMEs starting out in compliance that look for guidance in putting their compliance system in place

Our Clients


companies new to Switzerland that require an external and neutral compliance specialist

Our Clients


pharma companies with an interest or activity in the Russian market and on-site deployment

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