9 months in – this is where Ruby is headed

Silvia, so what is it that you do exactly at Ruby Compliance?

After nine months in business, many people in my network are now aware that I launched my own company. Ruby Compliance, the name already indicates that I am active in the field of Compliance. At Ruby Compliance, we offer compliance and training services. We help companies move towards a compliance experience built on sense and sustainability.

At Ruby Compliance, we offer compliance and training services.
-S. Kammerer
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Compliance Consulting

From scratch or work in progress: we help companies set up compliance management systems (CMS) to meet regulatory requirements. Compliance is inherently complex. We analyze and evaluate before we start out to make sure our suggestions are in-line with your business objectives.

Compliance Training

We create practical and engaging compliance training. We focus on clear language and reduce technicality. The training we create is either custom-made or off the shelf readily available online. For custom-made training, we work with your existing LMS and offer face2face training.  

Interim Solutions

We support companies that require additional temporary resources in Compliance. We cover parental and sickness leaves, back the implementation of new compliance systems, and make sure you keep up with day-to-day compliance routine. We bridge the gap – literally.

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What is the long term strategy of Ruby Compliance?

2 words: Compliance Training.

OUR Vision: Make Compliance Suck Less

At Ruby Compliance, it is all about our commitment to our mission: Make Compliance suck less. It is direct, it is clear, it is bold. We care about making Compliance more accessible and helping people see the value of it. We follow up on our promise by making Compliance Training available and engaging.


Compliance Training and Training Management

So for the future, we aim at offering off the shelf Compliance training courses. These are ready to use, adaptable to an organization’s brand, and specific compliance needs. Training courses provide value in terms of knowledge for employees, quick and easy operability and roll-outs, and attractive pricing schemes. We believe that pricing that makes sense is one way to make Compliance a priority for organizations and their employees.

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A little heads-up

We will be launching a newsletter in September to reveal more about our pricing schemes and upcoming training courses. To sign up, click here


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