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«The Ruby Standard» in Compliance

We use the term «sustainable» as a synonym for professional. We believe that sustainable businesses are inherently professional. They base their strategies and actions on their values. Strong ethical values give companies a purpose beyond making profit. This is where sense meets sustainability. We call it «The Ruby Standard» in compliance.

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«Ruby is a Rebel»

She believes in compliance driven by values and ethics. She uses her superpowers to make compliance suck less. «The Ruby Standard» in Compliance is based on sense and sustainability. It is a complete compliance management system built on culture and ethics that offers employees engaging compliance training. To her, it is all about clarity. She uses simple and clear language for compliance content so people can relate. Her energetic personality and sense of humor bring people together and make projects move forward. Literally. 

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We work with best practices and are also open to paving new ways if the existing is not a good fit or needs some tweaking. We find creative solutions and sense what fits an organization and its people. Our impact is organic.


the edge

The Ruby way of compliance takes off the edge in compliance. Great energy and a sense of humor connect people and bring ease to complex and dry compliance projects. Complexity and driven people are our environments to succeed.



We don’t hide behind big words and legal phrases. We use language that people can relate to. No matter the technicality, clear language creates understanding, clears out taboos and stigma, and makes people see the value of compliance.

the face behind ruby compliance

silvia kammerer

Silvia Kammerer. the face behind Ruby Compliance, about. Compliance and Training Specialist Silvia Kammerer. the face behind Ruby Compliance, about. Compliance and Training Specialist Silvia Kammerer. the face behind Ruby Compliance, about. Compliance and Training Specialist

As compliance and training specialist Silvia brings sense and sustainability to businesses through compliance. She has extensive experience in the pharma industry and is keen on making this experience also available to SMEs just starting out in compliance. Silvia also enjoys to ruby in Russian and is currently nurturing her compliance expertise for the Russian market.

our set-up: how we ruby

We are a solopreneur venture and ruby with a network of partners and experts in compliance.

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our clients

We work with companies that see compliance as a business enabler and not a tick the box exercise. Our clients range from big corporations in pharma with sophisticated compliance systems to SMEs just starting out in compliance. Companies that are new to Switzerland and its compliance requirements, as well as companies with an interest or activity in Russia, are further clients we collaborate with. Are you ready to ruby with us? If so, let’s find out how ruby you are.

How Ruby Are You?

what clients say about ruby

Michael Leitsch, testimonial for Ruby Compliance, about


Ethics & Compliance Manager (CPA/EHS), GSK

Silvia does not only show initiative, but she finds sound and sustainable solutions. Complex and critical tasks are her comfort zone. She is on top of her responsibilities in compliance, proactive in her daily work, and conscientious and professional when it comes to details. In short: the person you look for in compliance. Above all, she is open-minded, has great energy, and people simply enjoy working with her.

Anne Wintzenrieth, testimonial Ruby Compliance, about


Compliance Director, GSK

It was a great pleasure working with Silvia. She supported us in the simplification of a complex and long-established process around training and controlled documents. Through effective and collaborative stakeholder management, continuous constructive challenging, high engagement, efficiency, and professionalism, she made a genuine difference and defined a fit for purpose solution. I have no hesitation in recommending Ruby Compliance to anyone looking for support in the compliance area.

Stephanie Entrop, Testimonial, Ruby Compliance, About


Ethics & Compliance Manager, ViiV Healthcare

Silvia, thank you so much for doing such a great job! Our collaboration was both pleasant and fruitful, and I especially appreciated your reliability. With your energy and positive approach, you have continuously made it possible to overcome obstacles. The work you have accomplished has a great set-up and is thus easy to use and sustainable. I am glad I decided to work with you, and I am hopeful to be working again with you in the future! Thanks for everything you have done!

Verena Huber, illustration for testimonial, about


Brand Experience Officer, content that inspires .works

Working with Silvia is simply a pleasant experience. She is professional to the core, cares about why and how she does things and has an innate ability to anticipate and optimize activities. No matter how dry or technical the context, she finds the purpose behind it and gets people on board by explaining in simple words why it matters. I have benefited from her knowledge of data privacy, data management, and legal documents and contracts. Thank you for being a source of knowledge and inspiration Silvia!

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our Partners and Network


TalentCards is a training platform built for mobile workers. It brings training to the people, no matter where their work takes them.


Simpleshow creates videos and learning experiences to explain complex topics that entertain and engage. 


logo SCCE, partner, network, Ruby Compliance, Silvia Kammerer, About


Society of Corporate Compliance and Ethics (SCCE)® is a member-based association for compliance and ethics professionals worldwide and across all industries.

new logo speakture, network and partners Ruby Compliance, about


speakture is visualizing complex content and processes and summarizes its essence with visuals.

logo you know, network and partners, network and partners Ruby Compliance , about


youknow is a leading provider of explanatory videos and e-learning solutions in the DACH region.

logo ica, ruby compliance, network and partners Ruby Compliance, about

The International Compliance Association

ICA is the leading professional body for the global regulatory and financial crime compliance community.

eqs group ag

EQS Group supports companies worldwide in meeting complex compliance requirements in one system solution.

content that inspires .works

As a brand experience agency for SMEs they help companies go beyond their logo and specializes in brand interaction that connects.

Ethics and Compliance Switzerland

ECS promotes the development of a compliance community across all sectors and organizations in Switzerland and shares compliance best practices.