What is internal control and why does it matter?

Internal control is as broad as compliance. It is the process of providing a reasonable framework for an entity to achieve its objectives concerning the reliability of financial reporting, effectiveness and efficiency of operations. That includes as well the compliance with applicable laws and regulations.
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Understanding data localization laws

Data protection laws have been on the rise throughout the last years, resulting in more protection of personal data and a higher degree of control for consumer and employees over their own personal data. On the other hand, it makes business that involves cross-border transfers of personal data more complex than ever.
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Micro training formats boost compliance training

We are thrilled to announce that Ruby Compliance partners with TalentCards, a microlearning platform for remote works. Training takes place on mobile devices and caters to deskless, field, and mobile workers outside the typical (home) office environment.
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Training management: what Ruby can do for you

Companies grow and evolve. And so does its training management. Or at least that is the best-case scenario. In reality, organizations are often struggling to keep up with the training assignment process and to update curricula.
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