How to maintain the compliance spirit with micro-engagements

Let’s imagine …

Your company invested time and effort to implement a comprehensive compliance program. You inspired your employees to be transparent and to seek guidance if in doubt. Congratulations! This is what we call the compliance peak. All done, all sorted. And what now?

«Skillfully planned and
orchestrated micro-
engagements help to keep
the momentum going.»

Micro-engagements and awareness boosts

While the initial excitement about anything novice wears off after some time, a skillfully planned and orchestrated set of micro-engagements help to keep the momentum going. Work days are typically packed and busy, so micro engagements to boost awareness are a sought after set of activities for mid to long-term retention. Sounds like a marketing campaign? It is!

Compliance requires leadership

Motivation and engagement is part of leadership responsibility and a success factor in compliance training. So how do you stay close to co-workers and keep awareness for compliance and best practices alive?

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Regular meet-ups:

Coffee, tea, water, smoothie or anything else that brightens your day. Informal, regular meet-ups with colleagues are an excellent opportunity to approach issues and discuss concrete situations. Calling situations into awareness suffices and does not require to get into details. And yeah, these meet-ups can also take place online.

1:1 meetings

When we get together 1:1 and we share a space of trust, it is a prime opportunity to ask coworkers about their compliance experience and if there are any aspects they require guidance on. Just make it an item on your meeting agenda. It helps to frequently touch base and keep the conversation going.


It is the place where we find all internal information that is of assistance. Implementing a Compliance Wiki with Q&As, example cases, and checklists is a practical tool, and easy to implement.

«Make it a habit to
be brief, clear, and
stick to the point.»


Make it a habit to be brief, clear and stick to the point. It may require extra prep-time to bring the quintessence of cases across, but your coworkers will thank you. Webinars are a great tool and opportunity to discuss concrete cases rendered anonymous. Recordings of webinars may also serve as valuable training resource and reference to bring up in coffee breaks or 1:1 meetings.

Company newsletter

Any kind of internal regular publication or newsletter is a great platform to publish content relevant to compliance. Pursue the network marketing approach and allow stakeholders, project partners and owners to share their experience. It makes it relatable, approaches compliance through a personal narrative, and demonstrates its wide applicability.


«Small and digestible bites – just like Sushi.» A series of micro-training allows to skillfully slice content into pieces and build strong storylines to retain information. Spreading a training over a period of time helps creating consistency, awareness and relatability. Instead of information overload, a micro-training is considered a success if participants retain 2-3 take-aways per micro-training.

«Small and digestible bites
- just like Sushi.»


Short (!) explainer videos are helpful tools to communicate key messages. Again, it comes down to being concise and to the point. Social sharing options further their reach, both inside and outside the organization.

Compliance champions

Introducing compliance champions in every department lowers the hurdle of engaging with compliance topics as such. Having a colleague in the immediate team as compliance champion, facilitates reaching out. Compliance champions bring knowledge, comfort, and trust to individual departments across organizations.

«Compliance champions bring
knowledge, comfort, and trust
to organizations.»

Passion, Commitment, Goals, and Execution

Compliance is at the heart of an organization. Content marketing and marketing campaigns foster engagement and boost awareness for compliance. It requires passion, commitment, clear goals and execution of well-defined plans and activities.

how ruby can help

We are happy to help you find the right balance for your organization and get hands-on with compliance content and training courses that make compliance suck less. Promise!


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