Ruby embraces acronyms and technical terms in compliance by spelling them out, providing a short explanation, and links to find further information. Let’s ruby these compliance terms!



Anti-Bribery Anti-Corruption (ABAC): helps companies to mitigate the risks of corruption by developing an effective Anti-Bribery and Corruption (ABAC) compliance program.




Corrective and Preventive Actions (CAPAs) consist of improvements to an organization’s processes taken to eliminate the causes of non-conformities.



Compliance Management System (CMS) a comprehensive compliance program. A CMS is an integrated system comprised of written documents, functions, processes, controls, and tools that help an organization comply with legal requirements and minimize harm to consumers due to violations of law. It consists of three elements: board of management oversight, compliance program (implement, oversight, training), and compliance audit (audit, review, testing, targeted training).


Compliance Program

A compliance program consists of various elements and must include policies, procedures, training, and monitoring.




Due Diligence (DD) manages corruption risks associated with engaging third parties. It is a investigation process and thorough background check.



Document Management System (DMS) is a system to track, manage and store documents digitally to reduce paper.




The European Federation of Pharmaceutical Industries and Associations (EFPIA) represents the pharmaceutical industry operating in Europe.




The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) refers to all information concerning a person that allows identifying directly or indirectly personal data. This might be a first name, a photo, an e-mail address, IP address, or social media posts. To ensure GDPR-compliant operation of the website, the persons concerned must now be notified that personal data is being collected and processed by the website operators in the data protection policy. More information




The International Compliance Association (ICA) is the leading professional body for global regulatory and financial crime compliance community-.




Learning management system (LMS): Learning, because it delivers educational courses or training programs; Management, because it helps organize courses (assign, track and document); System is used as a synonym for software or computer program;



Pharma Cooperation Code

On the basis of the EFPIA disclosure code, science industries as the responsible member association of EFPIA in Switzerland drew up the Pharma Cooperation Code (PCC) which entered into force in January 2014.



Red Flags

A «red flag» is a term used to identify a fact that requires further information to assess. It does not mean to stop activities, but it guides to focus on the due diligence inquiry by obtaining additional information about a potential issue.




A standard operating procedure (SOP) is a set of step-by-step instructions compiled by an organization to help workers carry out complex routine operations. SOPs aim to achieve efficiency, quality output and uniformity of performance while reducing miscommunication and failure to comply with industry regulations.



Whistleblower Hotline

A whistleblowing hotline is a channel that allows employees and others to confidentially alert an organization about suspicions of misconduct. It is an important tool for reducing risks and building trust as it enables managers to detect and act on possible misconduct at an early stage.