Ruby’s webinar takeaways: From FMCG to Life-Science

We are inspired. The webinar on September 14, 2020, hosted by ECS with the title «From FMCG to Life-Science – E&C challenge, contribution, and learnings» offered enticing takeaways we would like to share with you.


It is suggested to change the investigation process to integrate behavioral science. Implementing a root cause model allows considering both organizational and human findings.


Discussions with other markets and peers is vital. The creation of a buddy system in investigation fosters discussion. Besides instigating discussion, it supports exchange with other markets and peers.

«The creation of a
buddy system in
investigation fosters discussion.»


No one solution fits all in training. Considering what a target audience requires training on at a specific time is what makes training successful. It is also recommended to use data for «preventive targeting » of training. So, data and customization are key for training with an impact.

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Vocabulary, cadence, and tone decide to impact the readability of content. A simple choice of words, short sentences, clear calls to action, and examples of desired behavior are imperative for a code of conduct. It also supports the shift from a rule-based code of conduct to a principle-based code of conduct.


«There is a shift from a
rule-based code of conduct to
a principle-based code of conduct.»


It is recommended to step away from obliging all employees to sign the conduct code. Instead, it is suggested to let the General Manager of each market decide how to roll out the code of conduct and support its integration in daily routine.


Making training and the code of conduct available and searchable in apps boosts accessibility. Technology can be an asset in making training content available and finding it based on keywords for specific markets. Technology can be an enabler.


Messengers chats and informal coffee-breaks are a great way to connect, provide support, and offer advice. Dare to lean into hybrid forms to partner with your employees and combine personal breaks with interactive communication, i.e., messengers such as What’s App.

«Creating a safe space that
allows making self-disclosure
on misconduct public.»


Being human means making mistakes, not being flawless. Compliance also requires to make space for these mishappenings, being open towards it. Instead of calling out failures, the openness and trust to report it are embraced and celebrated. It shifts Compliance functions from a dramatize contact point to a partner to confide it and reign in the change in the business’s interest. Creating a safe space that allows making self-disclosure on misconduct public empowers an organization’s culture and instills role-model behavior to follow.


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