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We support companies that require additional temporary resources in compliance. We cover parental and sickness leaves, back the implementation of new compliance systems, and make sure you keep up with day-to-day compliance routine. We bridge the gap – literally.

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Ruby offers support in the following areas:

Policies and Procedures

Documents have a life cycle. And we support you in document management from the creation of a policy to its update and finally, its retirement and archiving.

Transparency Disclosure Obligations

Transparency creates trust. In pharma, we back companies to comply with industry standards relating to all transfers of values to European healthcare professionals and healthcare organizations.

Compliance Training and Awareness

The first step to visibility is awareness. Often compliance departments lack thereof. We support you in marketing your compliance efforts and their added value internally, no matter if the management board or key employees.

Record Keeping and Documentation

Compliance is associated with heaps of documents. Rightly so! We back you in making sure your current document management system (DMS) is up to standard of if not, in finding a system that is a good fit for you. We do not shy away from challenges, no matter if changing from paper-based to digital solutions or migrating documents from one system to another.

Third Party Due Diligence

Due diligence manages corruption risks associated with engaging third parties. It is a investigation process and thorough background check. We help companies set-up their process to mitigate corruption risk, advise on finding cost-effective due diligence service providers, and how to handle red flags.

Whistleblowing and Raising Concerns

The term whistleblow stands for confidentially alerting an organization about suspicions of misconduct. We assist companies in setting up whistle blowing policies. So we set up the process of how to raise concerns and assist in evaluating different options of whistle blowing hotlines.

Monitoring and Auditing

The annual audit schedule is an integral commitment to compliance. We help companies improve their audit process and offer support in implementing corrective and preventive actions (CAPAs).