Training management: what Ruby can do for you

Companies grow and evolve. And so does its training management. Or at least that is the best-case scenario.


In reality, organizations are often struggling to keep up with the training assignment process and to update curricula. After a while, some training courses are outdated or do not make sense anymore.

It is a hot topic and people shy away. It requires resources, a comprehensive overview, and the capacity to handle big tasks that cascade into numerous sub-tasks. Ruby can give you a hand. It is her specialty.

Silvia Kammerer. the face behind Ruby Compliance, about. Compliance and Training Specialist


Ruby can assess the organization’s training needs and address training gaps.

identify opportunities

Ruby identifies opportunities for innovation and creativity in the development and delivery of training programs.


Ruby can analyze your current training management process and identify opportunities for simplification.

Manage Stakeholders

Ruby manages stakeholders and consolidate the input of all line managers and authors on policies and procedures.


«Organizations are often
struggling to keep up
with the training assignment
process and to update curricula.»

Meet divese training needs

Ruby ensures the training curriculum meets the diverse needs of its audience. It includes initiating and supporting the development of training modules and their quality standard, i.e., in-person training, mini-cases training, and the proper documentation of training records.

Develop Compliance Tools

Enhance and further develop compliance tools and job aids (e.g., Q&A-lists), electronic and paper-based, to assist employees across the organization in the field of healthcare compliance is one more aspect Ruby takes care of.


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