Understanding data localization laws

How data protection laws are evolving

Did you know that many countries in the world are adding restrictions on how and where data is stored or transferred?

Data protection laws have been on the rise throughout the last years, resulting in more protection of personal data and a higher degree of control for consumer and employees over their own personal data. On the other hand, it makes business that involves cross-border transfers of personal data more complex than ever.

Data localization laws

The requirements for data localization are rapidly evolving and have been enforced in many countries including: Vietnam, Indonesia, Brunei, Iran, China, Brazil, India, Australia, Korea, Nigeria and, Russia. Some of these countries impose a ban on the transfer of all categories, some others – such as Australia and South Korea – impose specific restrictions on the transfer of data in sectors such as health and finance to protect citizens’ sensitive data.

It is your responsibility

Get in contact with your service providers and inquire about the measures taken. Do you have a data processing agreement in place, and if yes, what are the obligations of your data processor in this respect? As data controller your company is ultimately responsible for the safe and compliant handling of all personal data you are entrusting your service provider for processing.

«As data controller your company is ultimately responsible for the safe and compliant handling of all personal data you are entrusting to your service provider.»

At Ruby Compliance, we believe that taking care of the personal data a company collects and processes for business purposes, should be a main priority. It is a cornerstone of building a valued and trusted relationship with your stakeholders. Ruby Compliance is there for providing support to companies that want to stay up-to-date with regulatory requirements and seek to implement privacy preserving designs in their data collecting activities.

Cross border transfers of personal data occurs frequently

Think about systems that are used for all your affiliates, like your ERP, LMS, Whistleblower hotline and many more. Does your service provider offer a solution for such markets? Do you know if you are compliant with local data protection requirements?

Get in touch today

Do you need help with setting up or maintaining a records of processing activities according to Art.30 GDPR? Do you have a backlog of data processing agreements of your business partners that need to be checked? Are there Privacy Impact Assessments to do, but you lack the resources? Reach out today!



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